SeaWorld Orlando announces death of their 39 year old Walrus

SeaWorld Orlando announced this week that Bruiser, a 39-year old walrus, had passed away. He had been at SeaWorld Orlando for the last 20 years but his health had been declining over the last several weeks. Bruiser was a favourite of visitors who saw him at his home in Sea Lion Stadium, he had also made appearances in the Clyde and Seamore show. Here’s the official statement from SeaWorld Orlando.

“The SeaWorld family is deeply saddened to announce that Bruiser, an adult male walrus at SeaWorld Orlando, passed away earlier today. He had been a part of our Orlando family for the last 20 years, and left a lasting impression on everyone who interacted with him.

Over the past several weeks, Bruiser’s health had been declining, including kidney failure, and he was being monitored and cared for 24/7 by the SeaWorld veterinary and animal care teams. At 39 years old, Bruiser was considered to be a very old walrus, as walruses live to be about 40.

While this is a difficult time for the entire SeaWorld family, we will celebrate the full life Bruiser lived, and the impact he had on all of us at SeaWorld, and those all over the world. We know that Bruiser will be remembered for the millions of guests he inspired to learn and care about walruses, and by the team members that had the honor of working with him.”

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